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Sports injuries often result from overuse of a specific muscle and/or a trauma to a specific part of the body. Regardless of the cause, pain management specialist Khalique Rehman, MD, at My Pain Clinic, can help teenagers and adults in suburban Atlanta find relief from pain and regain normal function. Consult him at one of two convenient locations in Stockbridge and Norcross, Georgia. Call or use the online booking tool to make an appointment.

Sports Injuries Q & A

What are sports injuries?

Sports injuries are any injuries that arise as a result of playing sports or participating in a physical activity. The injury may stem from a fall or overexerting the muscle. It may be an accident that resulted in an injury. Or you may have suffered the injury as a result of repeatedly working out a certain area of your body. In other words, sports injuries may be acute or chronic.

An example of a sports injury is tennis elbow, a type of tendinitis that results from repeatedly swinging a tennis racket or performing another activity that taxes the elbow. Rotator cuff, knee, and heel injuries are other common problems. Sports injuries aren’t limited to adults trying to shed a few pounds, either. Dr. Rehman sees quite a few teenage athletes.

What are the symptoms of a sports injury?

The symptoms of a sports injury vary based on the injury. The most common signs of a sports-related injury are pain, swelling, weakness, and a decreased range of motion. Some injuries result in a bone moving out of place.

How is a sports injury treated?

Dr. Rehman and the team at My Pain Clinic design strength and conditioning programs to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Treatment of injuries may include physical therapy, exercise, braces or orthotics, and, sometimes, selective joint and tendon sheath injections.

Treatment starts with Dr. Rehman taking a detailed history and conducting a physical exam, and may include such diagnostic testing as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, EMG/NCV studies, and ultrasound. After diagnosis, he structures a treatment plan based on pain medications, spinal and joint injections, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

It may take a few weeks to several months or longer for you to regain full function after a sports injury and get to the point where you can return to playing your favorite sport. Don’t wait any longer than is necessary to get back in the game, though. Call My Pain Clinic or book an appointment online today to get started on a customized treatment plan for your sports injury.