Sciatica Pain


Sciatica is a pain that can be felt around the lower back, hip, buttocks, and all the way to the legs. This is the path of the sciatic nerve, and therefore, the name. It is usually caused by a herniated disk or bone spur. The nerve is compressed by the spine and the patient can feel numbness and inflammation along with pain.

The pain can be severe or mild. It may get worse when sitting and even worse when the person tries to stand up. The lower body of the patient feels weaker and unable to move without shooting pain. The major problem with sciatica, however, is that it is often misdiagnosed.

At My Pain Clinic, we specialize in diagnosing the root cause of your pain. Being an INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MANAGEMENT CLINIC, we prescribe different kinds of injections and procedures to manage pain as well as recommendations for physical therapy/debilitation.

We have successfully diagnosed and treated a number of patients with our highly customized and personalized approach.

The Causes

Sciatica treatment starts with proper diagnosis and physical examination. One of our experts will check the strength and reflexes of your muscles. These tests are followed by several imaging tests that can range from a simple X-Ray to MRI and CT Scan. Once the problem is diagnosed, we analyze the root of the problem for every individual patient and create a treatment plan that actually eliminates the pain causing problem.

In rare cases, a patient may actually require a surgery to improve the size or position of the disk or vertebra hurting the nerve. For others pain-relieving drugs such as muscle relaxants, and anti-seizure medicines are administered in order to make it easier for them to manage their pain.

Furthermore, our treatment plan includes physical therapy and exercises that can help strengthen muscles and prevent recurrent injuries and problems.

Visit our clinic to get a personalized treatment plan for your sciatica problem.

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