Failed Back Syndrome


Failed Back Syndrome is a term generally used to describe various types of pain resulting from spinal surgery. The chronic pain may be felt in various parts of the body ranging from lower back, hips and shoulder to thighs and legs. Contrary to the general belief, it is not because of a failed surgery. It can follow a successful surgery or treatment as well.

According to a medical study, nearly twenty percent of patients who undergo a surgery for nerve compression can suffer from failed back syndrome. However, this kind of pain can be treated without the need of another surgery. At My Pain Clinic, we have a respectable amount of experience in dealing with failed back syndrome. With proper diagnosis and analysis of the issue, we effectively treat the problem through a personalized treatment plan that targets the specific area affected by the syndrome.


The Symptoms

Failed back syndrome can follow a number of surgeries and treatment and therefore, the symptoms may vary from patient to patient. In most cases, the patient may feel exactly the same pain that they experienced prior to the surgery. This can indicate that either the surgery wasn’t performed right or it wasn’t performed to treat the actual cause of the pain.

For others, failed back syndrome is a dull aching pain and inflammation along the spinal column. This pain can be constant, and therefore, excessively irritation. Some patients also complain about sharp and stabbing pain i.e. neuropathic pain in various areas particularly the lower body and legs.

There is a very small percentage of patients who complain about symptoms different than what we have mentioned above. It takes expertise and experience to diagnose the actual cause of the problem. The effectiveness of the treatment greatly depends on proper diagnosis.

The Treatment

As experts, we understand the significance of proper diagnosis and therefore we start our treatment with a comprehensive clinical evaluation session. We utilize analysis techniques as well as technology to analyze the symptoms and diagnose the issue. Some of the basic steps involved in this procedure include detailed personal history, physical examination and tests such as x-rays, MRI and/or CT scans, and electro-diagnosis (EMG)

If the patient proves positive for the failed back syndrome, we start preparing a personalized treatment plan based on their specific problems and symptoms. Our treatment plan includes:

  • Spinal Injection e.g. Epidural, Facet, Transforaminal
  • Medication to reduce the pain and inflammation
  • Spinal cord simulation for long-term pain relief
  • Physical therapy and exercises
  • Recommendation for Orthotics and Life Style Changes

Our therapies and exercise vary from patient to patient depending on factors such as causes and symptoms in that particular case as well as age, endurance, and other existing medical conditions of the patient. We are an Interventional Pain Management Clinic that you can trust for everything from diagnosis to long-term pain management and advice on leading an active lifestyle.

Visit our clinic and let us help you manage failed back syndrome under the supervision of our highly qualified and experienced practitioners.

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