Mission Statement


A Promise of Complete Care and Lasting Comfort

My Pain Clinic is a unique initiative founded on one mission – to make pain easier to manage and possible to treat. We strive to combine the best of traditional cutting edge treatment with non-traditional yet proven me methods to treat chronic pain.

Our Mission is to provide Our Patients with Prompt Treatment and Permanent Relief from Chronic Pain and Related Health Problems.

At My Pain Clinic, we believe in providing long-term and lasting relief by treating not the patient, but the problem. We have adopted techniques and technology that help us treat the symptoms and eliminate the major root of your problem.

This comprehensive approach produces not only cost-effective results, but also a high degree of patient satisfaction. Through integrated, focused care and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, My Pain Clinic staff adds quality to the lives of our patients and their families.

Over the years our team has utilized the best of their expertise enhanced by state-of-the art technology and proven techniques to help My Pain Clinic fulfill its mission objective. We have helped our patients achieve better and faster results without spending a plethora of money on the treatment. We have always delivered what we promise, and we aim to further improve our efforts in this regard.

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